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From the important stuff to the outright daft - yes we get asked it all! Here's some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Funky Bingo?
This isn't your typical grandma’s bingo night – we've ditched the traditional rules for an electrifying party! Picture raves, twerking, the wackiest of prizes, and total chaos.
Where can I buy tickets?
Click the link to our tickets page, pick your city, and secure your spot.No tickets yet? Pop in your details, and we'll ping you the moment they're on sale. Don't miss out on the funky fun – your funky bingo adventure awaits!
What's the difference between early bird and standard tickets?
Here's the lowdown:Super Early Bird:
£5 (Absolute bargain!)
Early Bird: £10 (Total steal!)
Standard: £20 (Worth the funky vibe!)
Grab 'em early, they're all the same fabulous tickets, just a better deal for early birds!
Are the venues accessible, will there be strobe lighting?
Exciting news – our venues are all set up for accessibility! Need more info? Just give us or the venue a shout beforehand. We do have some strobe lights and special effects to make the night extra funky!
Can I bring my dog?
No, you can’t bring your dog.

Whilst we do love dogs at Funky Bingo, after asking a selection of dogs across the country, we discovered they don’t like Bingo - they get frustrated by all the balls bouncing around. They told us they’d rather stay at home whilst you go out and have fun. Remember to leave treats and tell them what time you’ll be back.
What should I wear?
Dress in whatever makes you feel fabulous, just steer clear of the casual sporty look – no tracksuit bottoms and football tops! Sparkle, funk, and all things fantastic! Whether it's a Hen do, Stag party, or just celebrating the rollercoaster of life, fancy dress is more than welcome.
I lost something at one of your events?
Reach out directly to the venues about any lost property. They've got their own detective hats on and will do their absolute best to reunite you with your missing item.
What time does it start and will there be snacks?
Funky Bingo times vary, so hit up your event and ticket page for the details. Food might be on the menu in certain locations – drop us a line if you're hungry for the details!
How can I get the best seats in the house - can I reserve a table?
No table reservations here. Arrive early for the best seats – it's first-come, first-served.
Can I come in early to decorate a table?
Early entry's a no-go (we're all about keeping those surprises under wraps!), but feel free to bring your decorations along. Just keep them stage-friendly – no blocking the view! Let's keep the party vibe going!
How many ice cubes will be in my drink?
Just the right amount Karen, don’t you worry. No need to lose sleep over your drink's chill factor – we've got it covered!
Is there a limit to the number of glow sticks one can wear during Funky Bingo?
No limits on glow! We encourage participants to embrace their inner glow stick enthusiast. However, if you start to resemble a walking disco ball, you might become the unofficial "King" or "Queen" of Glow for the night.
How long does Funky Bingo last?
Get ready for a 3 - 4 hour spectacle from the first bingo game! The funk might stretch a bit depending on the false calls, but that's just part of the wild ride.
Do you accept stag and hen parties?
Absolutely! Stags, hens, and all party animals are more than welcome to dive into the Funky Bingo extravaganza! Let the partying commence!
Is there a "Hangover Support Group" for sharing regrettable dance moves and bingo decisions?
Gather 'round for the "Hangover Confessional Circle" where participants exchange stories of regrettable dance-offs, glitter mishaps, and bingo dauber misadventures. Laughter is the best hangover medicine!
What does my ticket include?
Well, it's your golden pass to bingo madness, complete with a funky bingo book and a pen! Ready to dab and dance your way to a funky victory! Feel free to bring your own dobber – we won't dob you in for it! It's your personal bingo wand, after all.
I can’t attend Funky Bingo anymore, can I get a refund?
As per our Terms and Conditions all tickets are non-refundable. But hey, maybe pass the ticket to a friend and let them catch the funky fever!
Tickets are sold out, what can I do?
Our events are very popular so grab yours in advance to dodge FOMO. Once we hit the "sold-out sensations" status, we are a full house! Sorry, no last-minute door sales, and no secret late release tickets.
Can I book as a group for Funky Bingo?
No special group bookings, so rally the crew to grab tickets pronto. We zoom through tickets at light-speed, so early birds catch the bingo worm! Arrive early for the best seats – it's first-come, first-served.
What can I win?
Sorry, our lips are sealed! Spilling the beans would totally spoil the surprise.
Can I pick my prize up another day?
If you're leaving your winnings at the venue, be sure to collect them within 48 hours of the event. Just remember, it's on you to coordinate with the venue crew, neither us or the venues will be liable for any loss or damage which may occur.

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